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The Brain Project


The Brain Project is a large-scale, outdoor exhibit that brings brain health, art and imagination to the streets of Toronto.

As The Brain Project returns for its third year, a variety of artists from around the world will transform blank brain sculptures into beautiful, energetic and thought-provoking pieces of art. These sculptures, sponsored by corporations and philanthropists, and placed on display in more than 15 locations around the Greater Toronto Area. Funds raised are in support of the Baycrest Foundation. Sandra will be one of 50 artists who have created a brain artwork. Brain artworks, artists and exhibiting locations will be announced soon.

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ARAS instructor Sandra Tarantino will be featured.

Avenue Road Arts School

Now You See Me (Maybe)

Join Offsite this Thursday May 24th for Now You See Me [Maybe].


This exhibition brings together five artists, including ARAS instructor Stella Cade, walking the line between private life and public expression. Surrounding themes of identity, representation, and internal/external worlds, they are all drawing on personal experience and questioning how much to reveal and how much to conceal in their work. As unrepresented artists that are speaking from queer, trans, and feminist perspectives, questions are also raised about visibility and vulnerability in the arts and in society.

Opening Reception
6 – 9 PM May 24, 2018

On View
May 24 – July 2, 2018

Avenue Road Arts School

Salone di Cultura Presents “Beyond Bella”

Beyond Bella

Artistic Director Daniela Nardi tackles the myths surrounding Italian-Canadian women with Beyond Bella, the seventh edition of the bold and engaging Salone di Cultura. Coinciding with Italian Heritage Month, the June 8, 2018 Salone celebrates Italian-Canadian women artists and creators. For the first time, the Salone takes place at Toronto’s 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education, where Nardi was recently appointed Executive Director.

ARAS instructor Sandra Tarantino will be featured.

Salone’s Beyond Bella is presented in collaboration / partnership with: Villa Charities/Carrier Art Gallery, Abbozzo Gallery, Hamilton Arts Council and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto

Full press release can be found on the Salone di Cultura Facebook page.

Other artists for the evening include:
Espresso Manifesto (Music)
Andrea Ramolo (Music)
Julie Campagna (Artist)
Frances Patella (Artist)
Cinzia Cavalieri (Artist)
Terri Favro (Writer)

Tickets for sale online at Eventbrite.

Avenue Road Arts School

Step Into The Forest

Step Into The Forest
Pictured: Step Into The Forest

Student Warren Eberlin presents his show Step Into the Forest at McMaster Fitness Studio (1820 Bayview Avenue) on May 6, from noon-4pm.

View his work on his website:


Step Into The Forest

“Creating art that suggests uncharted opportunities for your life journey. Exploring the challenge of what happens next, portrayed with an atmospheric quality.”