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Out of the Bush Garden – Contemporary Artists from Central-Eastern Canada

Out of The Bush Garden

Instructor Pete Smith (Abstract Painting, Drawing for Beginners, Landscape Painting, and Painting from Photos) is a featured artist in Imago Mundi‘s Out of the Bush Garden collection.

Pete’s piece AOI-13022015, is featured, and an image found below.

The book is a new, broad and diverse collection that Imago Mundi is dedicating to Canada: 216 works that bring together the creativity and expressive cultures of artists from the central-eastern side of the country: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. From the complex and erratic mosaic of the canvases, the different cultural souls of this vast country emerge, as do the contamination and amalgamation of different languages, colours and forms. Like a long journey among works and inspirations that seem to say: look at us and in the light of the Great North you will discover something about us and about yourself. Something singular and, at the same time, universal.

Pete Smith Painting
AOI-13022015, Pete Smith

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