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Iris Karuna & Miles Ingrassia Present: Oh Thank Heaven… at Come Up To My Room 2015

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From BlogTO:

Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design event.  CUTMR is the Gladstone’s signature, self-produced design event that bends disciplinary boundaries and explores new ground with each passing year. Under wraps until the day it opens, the show inspires over 4,000 attendees with mind-twisting and 140-character-inspiring works of creativity.

New this year, CUTMR’15 extends its run to 10 days of design extravaganza at the Gladstone, with new programming, an exciting band night, and a symposium for Toronto’s largest alternative design exhibition.

Our very own Iris Karuna, along with collaborator Miles Ingrassia, have produced Oh Thank Heaven…, which “explores urban detachment, and the compulsion to discover or designate unconventional spaces as sacred. Objects typically associated with variety stores instead mimic recognizably sacred spaces, such as church altars and stained glass windows. This installation emphasizes the incongruity between physically occupied spaces, and their metaphysical effects.”

You can join Iris and all of the other artists during the opening reception tomorrow, Friday, January 16th, 7pm at the Gladstone Hotel. Facebook Event Info Here

You can see Iris’ work in the windows of Melody Bar, situated on the first floor of the Gladstone Hotel.

For more event details, please check out CUTMR’s Facebook Event page.

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